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Tai Chi for Health

Meet Tim Franz

DYM: Many people don’t know or understand … Read More

Earn Your Yogi Wings Today

SOAR with Tyler


Tyler Kuelbs is such a beautiful soul and we are so pleased … Read More

Acupuncture for Insomina

By: Nena Watkins, LAc, Licensed Acupuncturist


According to the University of Maryland Medical … Read More

Doubling Up with Hot Yoga and Power Flow


By: Marie Williams, Yoga Enthusiast


For most people, … Read More

Love & Acceptance in the Moment

Karon’s Kundalini Yoga

When anyone meets Karon Sartore you immediately know…she’s fun and sparkles! … Read More

Inspired Feminism & Spirituality

Daphne Moon

Daphne has been a favorite of Dallas Yoga Magazine for a long time. She … Read More

Reiki Energy & Yoga

Lea Anne Brings Energy to Her Classes

Dallas … Read More

The Free Spirit…Daizha

Dallas Yoga Magazine and the Cosmic Yogi Movement was thrilled and honored to host a workshop … Read More


Cleaning Your Yoga Equipment for a Healthy and an Enhanced Yoga Experience

Take a moment to … Read More


Beat Your Insomnia with Yoga – 5 Yoga Poses for Insomnia

By: Bipin Baloni, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller … Read More

4 Reasons You Should Stop Self Medicating and Consult a Doctor
By: Ala’a Alkhatib

We know it can be frustrating trying to … Read More

Think Outside the Blocks…The 3 Minute Egg Prop
Interview with the “Eggspert” Jason Schoulder

Dallas Yoga Magazine is … Read More

Advice from a Yoga Therapist

Linda Cuyler Shares


Dallas Yoga Magazine is thrilled to announce our weekend retreat “Achieving Serenity: Saying … Read More

Releasing Blocks in Sedona – the Shamanic Way


By:  Heather Shover


 Note: … Read More

My Yoga Immersion Experience
with Sri Sri Yoga

By: Erica Mestyanek, Editor of Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder … Read More

Yoga for the Arts
The Dallas Yoga & Fitness Festival

Dallas Yoga Magazine interviewed Mike Luckock from … Read More

Workshops, Weekend Retreats
& Festivals…So Much Fun!
Presented by Dallas Yoga Magazine & Cosmic Yogi Movement

By: … Read More

Harmonium & Yoga
Introducing Stefanie Tovar

Dallas Yoga Magazine is honored to announce Stefanie Tovar as one of … Read More

Celebration of the Journey
Portraits of the Soul 
The Art of Leroy Roper Jr. 

Top Photo: Model Brandy


AJ Crowell, … Read More

What are the 3 Main Differences Between Yoga and Fitness?


By: Kosta Miachin, Creator of VIKASA Yoga method


Yoga and fitness are … Read More

Every Little Breath
How Yoga Cured my Asthma

By: Aubrey Warren, E RYT


“The bark” is what I call … Read More

The Beginning of My Yoga Journey


By: Marie Williams, Yoga Enthusiast


In 2009, I started distance running to become more active, connect … Read More

Acupuncture: Helping Kids Feel Better

By: Nena Watkins, Lac, Licensed Acupuncturist

From asthma and excema, to the common cold and tummy aches, … Read More

Explore the Wellness Expo
Something for every body, mind & spirit
By: Amy Jo “AJ” Crowell, Publisher Dallas … Read More

Goddess Archetype Affirmations & Warrior Priestess Chakra Flow

with Lisa Ware


Today and every day, I feel the healing power of

the … Read More

What To Expect At Your First Biofeedback Session

By: Tracie Graves, Allison Blakewell & Danae Fenti… Read More

Prenatal Ayurvedic Rituals for the Body, Mind and Soul

By: Dr. AmbalakshmyP

Ayurvedic therapies, are for a known fact time … Read More

The Yogi’s Answer to the Perfect Night’s Sleep

By: Logan Bennett, Executive Marketing, Dallas Yoga Magazine

 … Read More

Become an Ashtangi
Let’s Practice Ashtanga Yoga

By: Manmohan Singh, Yoga Teacher


Many people admit that the idea … Read More

Best Natural Treatments for Common Skin Conditions

By: Beverly Goldberg


Those of us practicing a lifestyle focused on wellness aim … Read More

By: Erica Mestyanek, Editor Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Festival

Above Photo: Randall & Kristin Brooks with their son … Read More

Interview with Wah!

Empowering with Kirtan

By: Erica Mestyanek, Editor Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Movement… Read More

Blue Anjou’s Lisa Nicholson

Shining Bright in the Community


Dallas Yoga Magazine is honored to be talking with Lisa Nicholson, the owner … Read More

Local Women’s Club Presents Women’s Empowerment Expo


By: Janine L Palmore


Introducing….The Women’s Empowerment Expo 2018

 … Read More

LOL with Laughter Yoga

By: “AJ” Amy Jo Crowell, Publisher of Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Movement

Above Photo by … Read More

Creating a Beautiful Home Yoga & Meditation Space

By: Sally Collins

Yoga and mindfulness meditation have certainly piqued the interest of the … Read More

AJ’s Matt: My New Journey with Crystal Singing Bowls

Part 1: Learning About Sound & Vibrations

By: “AJ” Amy Jo Crowell, Publisher … Read More

Ricky Tran

Interview By: Amy Jo “AJ” Crowell, Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine.

Interviewing Ricky … Read More

Interview with Social Media Sensation

Adriene Mishler


By Erica Mestyanek, Editor

Do you remember your first … Read More

The Gift of Being Present

By: Kenny Kolter, Gong Meditation

When shocking, unfortunate … Read More

Get Poked

My Experience with Acupuncture

By: AJ Crowell, Publisher, Dallas Yoga Magazine

As I … Read More

The Importance of Connection


By:  Jenn Bodnar, Owner Yoga Digest


When we think about … Read More

Plant Based Gurus

Interview with Annette Baker & Marianne Lacko

The owners of Nature’s … Read More

Going to the Wellness Expo: What’s in it for me?

by Felicia Weiss, … Read More

What does the color of your mat say about you?

By: Amy Jo … Read More

Truewellbeing: Our Discovery Can Be Yours Too


It all started with a sick … Read More

Balancing Energy:  What Does It Mean?

By: Toby Balin, Life Purpose … Read More

Solar Energy Shines

What makes a beautiful sunny day better? Having your … Read More

By Dr. Paula Joyce, The Life Doctor

Best-Selling Author, Top-Ranked Radio Host,

Executive/Life Coach, Speaker, Healer


Ask Dr. Paula: Increasing Bone Density Without … Read More

Sound Healing

Interview with Denae Richards

“Sound moves energy it’s a very poignant connection to an energy of pure love. “

Denae Richards


Dallas Yoga … Read More

Yoga in the Military
By: Krystle Hall, Cpl USMC

Thanks to my practice, I feel that my only limits are … Read More

Happy Anniversary Dallas Yoga Magazine!


By: “AJ” … Read More

Do it with your partner!
The Benefits of Partner Yoga

By: “AJ” … Read More

Embrace Your Crazy


By: John Mestyanek, Motivational Teacher & Metaphysical Enthusiast


“Crazy is the real “normal” because it is what we all … Read More

What is Biofeedback?

By: Tracie Graves

Biofeedback is a treatment technique in which people are trained to improve their health by using … Read More

AJ’s Mat

Commit to Myself: Expand My Yoga Practice

By: “AJ” Amy Jo Crowell, Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi … Read More

A Conversation with Master Yogi Krishan Verma

Live and Sharing His Yoga Immersion … Read More

Personal Power

By: John Mestyanek

You are a powerful creator whether you are aware of it or not. … Read More

Is that for Real? Yep.

Ricky Tran’s Handless Headstand

Dallas Yoga Magazine was honored … Read More

Yoga: Breath Work Essential

Discover a Powerful Mind-Detox Technique

By: Arun Goel

In this issue, I’m going to tell you of a power-breathing … Read More

Winter Yoga


By: “AJ” Amy Jo Crowell, Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder of Cosmic Yogi Movement & Festivals


It’s the time … Read More

The Body is as Young as the Spine is Flexible


By: Joel Rosenblum, Yoga Enthusiast


I’ve always been in good athletic … Read More

Holistic Approach to Life for a Healthier and Happier You


By: Zyana Morris

The Five Pillars of Optimal Health:

You might have … Read More

10 Ways to Maximize Your Life

By: Matshona Dhliwayo, Author & Philosopher

Only when you’re young do you naively believe that you’ll … Read More

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