By: Elizabeth Renee Willis, Steady Warriors™ Ambassador


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When did you get into yoga?

I began practicing yoga in 2000, back … Read More

You have just started practicing yoga. How did you get started?

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By: Mark Phillips, Yoga and GX instructor

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With Ben Wright by Erica Mestyanek, Editor, Dallas Yoga Magazine

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By: Anna Hummer, RYT 200, Teacher at The Yoga Movement

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By: Nena Watkins, Licensed Acupuncturist, Lac, Oak Cliff Acupuncture

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By: Kenny Kolter, Gong Meditation & Sound Therapy

I’m extremely fortunate to work with some incredible, dynamic and heart felt people. … Read More

How and when did you get into yoga?

After many years of intuitive … Read More

When did you get interested in yoga?

Everyone discovers yoga in his or … Read More

How did you get started in yoga?

I was working with a guy … Read More

Tell us when you first started doing yoga.

I first got into yoga in 2006 as a PE class in college … Read More

When did you start practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga since December 2011 while at Penn State for graduate school. … Read More

By: Amy Jo “AJ” Crowell, Publisher, Dallas Yoga Magazine

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life … Read More

Holistic Health Coach

Erica Mestyanek

By: Michael Burns, Fitness Specialist

Erica is not only the … Read More

By: Amy Jo “AJ” Crowell, Publisher, Dallas Yoga Magazine

Obviously, I’m not suggesting … Read More

By: Dr.Catherine Kuiken, DC, Chiropractor
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By: Charles Gaby, Counselor, Consultant, Author, Yoga Instructor


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Interview with Debbi Levy

By: AJ Crowell, Publisher

Photography by: Chloe Saltarelli

Debbi Levy is the owner of Transformation Yoga bringing yoga to … Read More

By Erica Mestyanek, Editor for Dallas Yoga Magazine and Holistic Life Coach

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By: AJ Crowell, Publisher, Dallas Yoga Magazine

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The journey, challenges, and victories of becoming a yoga teacher

Diary Entry No. 3

By Carmen Diaz, New Yoga Teacher

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Italy, Picking Cherries and Healing Wounds

Ciao Bella! Ciao Bello! Buongiorno!


By: Viola Glink, Desire Map Facilitator, Holistic Health Coach


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By: Tressa Vazquez, 200 HR E-RYT, Co-founder of Sun Yoga

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It’s gone viral…it’s hit the big cities across America…it’s
Goat Yoga! … Read More

By: Shawn “Bean” Martin, E-RYT 500, YACEP

Sunstone FIT at Preston Town Crossing in Plano

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By Dr. Paula Joyce, The Life Doctor

Best-Selling Author, Top-Ranked Radio Host,

Executive/Life Coach, Speaker, Healer


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By: Anna Hummer RYT 200, Teacher at The Yoga Movement

Yoga has been sweeping the country in recent decades. The practice … Read More

By: Kenny Kolter, Sound Therapy & Gong Meditation

I often wonder why people attend sound based meditation events. Curiosity maybe? A … Read More

Oak Cliff Acupuncture

Throughout history people have grown herbs, or used what already grew naturally around them. It was common to … Read More

AJ Crowell, Publisher, chats with Jennifer Byer, E-RYT, RCYT, Founder of YoPlay Yoga for Kids

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