Initiating a Movement for All Yogi’s to Unite
Cosmic Yogi Festival

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Experience the JOY of Mindful Living


By: Cheryl Muck


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Meet Yoga, Meditation Teacher and Sacred Sounds Practitioner Lauren Margolies

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Challenging, and Disrupting, the Stereotypical Ideals of Masculinity

By: Carla Sayer, OHMME, Men’s Yoga & Work Out Pants

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Positive Vibes
By: AJ Crowell, Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine & Co-Founder Cosmic Yogi Movement

Since I am a product of … Read More

Simple Tools to Improve Your Yoga Practice

Last, but not least part #3

Muscle Control

By: Mark Phillips, Yoga and GX instructor



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Turing Urban Monotony Into Unconventional Gallery Walls

Interview with the Artist WHERON

AKA: Will … Read More

Announcing a New Movie: The Connection…Mind Your Body

A documentary featuring … Read More

Massage Therapy Corner
By: Roberta Langley, LMT

The Benefits of Massage Therapy


There have been volumes written on the benefits of … Read More

Aqua Yoga – Clarifying Connections

 By: Sandi Tindal, Founder and Head Instructor of Anchored Vessel Yoga & Dallas Aqua Yoga

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Treating the Common Cold
By:  Nena Watkins, LAC, Oak Cliff Acupunture

It’s Flu season!… We hear this every year, but … Read More

Got YOGA? Let’s Travel


Interview with Charde Evans, 200hr Yoga Instructor

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How to Get to Know Everyone in Your Yoga Class
Contributed from Christina Richter

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Why Mindful Self-Compassion Matters

By: Dorsey Standish, RYT & Julianne Schroeder, LPC, NCC


As a mindfulness teacher and therapist duo, … Read More

Diary of a New Yoga Teacher

The journey, challenges, and victories of becoming a yoga teacher

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Ricky Tran

Interview By: Amy Jo “AJ” Crowell, Publisher Dallas Yoga Magazine.

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Interview with Social Media Sensation

Adriene Mishler


By Erica Mestyanek, Editor

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The Gift of Being Present

By: Kenny Kolter, Gong Meditation

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Get Poked

My Experience with Acupuncture

By: AJ Crowell, Publisher, Dallas Yoga Magazine

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The Importance of Connection


By:  Jenn Bodnar, Owner Yoga Digest


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Plant Based Gurus

Interview with Annette Baker & Marianne Lacko

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One Step at a Time
By: Mike Mirabal, Yoga Teacher


One afternoon, about eight … Read More

Going to the Wellness Expo: What’s in it for me?

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What does the color of your mat say about you?

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Truewellbeing: Our Discovery Can Be Yours Too


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Balancing Energy:  What Does It Mean?

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Solar Energy Shines

What makes a beautiful sunny day better? Having your … Read More

By Dr. Paula Joyce, The Life Doctor

Best-Selling Author, Top-Ranked Radio Host,

Executive/Life Coach, Speaker, Healer


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