Denae Richards

Class: Sound Meditation

Description: A partially guided meditation where participants relax in a comfortable position allowing the gentle sounds of the gongs, bowls, chimes and more to saturate every cell of their body allowing for deep healing and rejuvenation.

Bio: Until 2014, Denae’s experience with sound existed through playing instruments in the band, singing in the choir and DJing at her school’s radio station. In 2014, she discovered a deeper bond with sound committing to learn more about the frequencies and vibrations that heal the body on a cellular level resulting in a mesmerizing relaxation during her sessions. She also incorporates sound therapy with her massage clients using a state of the art yoga table that allows sound vibrations to flow gently through your body.

Name of Business where they teach: Holistic Sounds, Dhyana Yoga Center, Equinox Highland Park, Atma Bhakti Yoga Center, Carpathia Collaborative, Namah Shivaya Yoga.

Social Media: FaceBook holisticsounds & Instagram @gonggirl & Twitter @gonggirl & Meetup – Holistic-Sounds

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